Yumekaiteki Bedsore prevention Mattress

  • For nurses

Massaging effect that maintains muscle strength in the back and other areas

  • The hard surface using a contoured surface of high-viscosity urethane foam combined with low-rebound urethane, is able to maintain muscle strength in areas like the back through the massaging effect produced by the “fluctuation” supported by the points and can lead to shortened rehabilitation time. Soft surface makes the body pressure dispersion in the "surface" by Foam of 25mm thick against.There is no work swapped the air worry and sound so unlike air mat.The power supply (outlet) is also unnecessary.
  • One of the lightest mattresses around at 5.8 kg, Yumekaiteki is easy to handle and exhibits no changes in its properties between minus 20° and 70° C, so it can be used with peace of mind.
  • The surface is a high grade newly developed special film that allows water vapor to pass through while blocking liquids. It is also sanitary, preventing incontinence stains, bacteria, and viruses from penetrating into the mattress interior. In addition to alcohol, Yumekaiteki can be wiped down and disinfected with norovirus-killing hypochlorite, and does not degrade after exposure to medicines or urine. Yumekaiteki also reduces disinfection and linen costs.