About Kaneko Group companies

Kaneko Co., Ltd.

Kaneko not only offers a broad range of care supplies and equipment, including special beds, electric wheelchairs, portable wheelchairs, and portable toilets to various hospitals and care facilities; they also conduct rental and wholesale operations for medical care supply stores and home nursing business support operators.
Designated Business of the Gifu Medical Cooperative Association
Service Mark certified by the Association for the Promotion of Health Care Service
First recipient in the industry of ISO 14001 certification
1063-14, Shirotorichoshirotori, Gujo-shi, Gifu
Tel: +81-575-82-2344; fax: +81-575-82-5283

Fuji Linen Co., Ltd.

In order to meet the demands of hotel facilities, Fuji Linen has succeeded in cleaning up to 20,000 beds per day and supplying linens for them as one of the biggest businesses in the hotel facility linen industry in the Chubu area. Fuji Linen flexibly delivers the appropriate, high quality products demanded by hotel facilities.
1063-14, Shirotorichoshirotori, Gujo-shi, Gifu
Tel: +81-575-82-2344; fax: +81-575-82-5283

System Support Co., Ltd.

772, Shirotorichonakatsuya, Gujo-shi, Gifu
Tel: +81-575-82-5212; fax: +81-575-82-5115