• Who is your manufacturer and sales agency?
  • System Support Co., Ltd. is our manufacturer and sales agency.
  • Where is your manufacturing plant? Can I visit it?
    • Yumekaiteki is manufactured at the System Support Osaka Plant. Due to manufacturing patents, we do not allow visits at this time.
  • Where is Yumekaiteki sold?
  • Please contact System Support Co., Ltd. Yumekaiteki is sold in stores throughout Japan.
  • What are the merits of Yumekaiteki?
  • Generally, the mattress possesses excellent bedsore prevention, can maintain muscle strength in the back and other areas through massaging effects, can reduce the workload for care providers, is hygienic and management becomes easier.
  • What are the benefits of Yumekaiteki’s hard and soft sides?
    • Hard side
    • Since the profile is subjected to a contouring process, the point support produces a body pressure dispersion effect, maintenance of muscle strength in the back and other areas through the massaging effect produced by the “fluctuation” becomes possible and can lead to shortened rehabilitation time.
    • Soft side
    • The low-rebound urethane, which maintains volume, provides excellent body pressure dispersion and prevents bedsores.
      It is a mattress that provides bedsore prevention on both sides like a dream and provides the user with a comfortable sleep.
  • How much easier is the work of helpers and nurses using Yumekaiteki?
  • A. With a traditional mattress, nurses must remove the cover and disinfect the mattress and clean around it when switching patients or cleaning up messes, but the Yumekaiteki Bedsore prevention Mattress need only be wiped down with a towel and disinfectant to use it hygienically.
  • Compared to a traditional mattress, Yumekaiteki is also extremely light (*1) at around 5 kg, so women can handle it easily as well. For care givers, Yumekaiteki’s ease of use is like a dream come true.
    *1: Even compared to other mattresses, Yumekaiteki is one of the lightest around.
  • With traditional mattresses, you can change the cover when it gets dirty or torn, but what do you do with the Yumekaiteki Bedsore prevention Mattress when it has a hole?
  • No need to worry.
    Yumekaiteki comes with repair film. Just cut it to the appropriate size and place it over the damaged area and the mattress will be fully functional and hygienic.
  • I would like to use Yumekaiteki with another patient after a contagious one has used it, but is that alright?
  • The film covering on Yumekaiteki is permeable and antibacterial. It allows water vapor to pass through but blocks blood, liquids, mites, viruses, and bacteria.
    To disinfect it, just wipe it down with a towel and disinfectant (alcohol, hypochlorite, etc.) and you can use Yumekaiteki hygienically again.
  • The patient smokes. Should I be worried about fire?
  • Although Yumekaiteki is fire retardant, smoking in bed is dangerous, so please refrain from doing so.
  • How does Yumekaiteki allow sweat to pass through while blocking bacteria?
  • The size of a water molecule is 1/100 to 1/150 the size of a virus particle.
    Using a film covering that is permeable to molecules that size but nothing bigger, we can block bacteria and viruses.