Learn more about the secrets of the Yumekaiteki Bedsore prevention Mattress!

  • It has always been a weak point that changing positions was difficult due to air mattresses originally being filled with only air. Through the unique four-layer construction, the Yumekaiteki mattress completely supports the user’s body and because the user can choose between the easy to change position hard side and the very effective body pressure dispersing soft side, the mattress can be used with people with various conditions.
  • The hard side demonstrates a massaging effect through the fluctuation design supported by the “points.” It promotes blood circulation and maintenance of muscle strength in the back and other areas. It can also be associated with shortened rehabilitation time.
  • The surface material is made from the same special polyurethane film used in dressing tape, so it is always hygienic and won’t become moldy since air is allowed to flow through while at the same time blocking viruses.
  • The special polyurethane film adheres tightly to sheets, preventing wrinkles and reducing stress to the user’s skin.
  • The special polyurethane film surface molds to the skin so the user’s body is less likely to slide down when they sit up.
  • Since there is no need for outsourced disinfection or waterproof sheets, saving money on outsourcing fees and linen costs is made possible.
  • The massaging effect helps maintain muscle strength and can shorten rehabilitation time.
  • The hard side is a 30mm thick, high-viscosity urethane that has been subjected to a contouring process and then an 8mm thick low-rebound urethane is placed on top. By doing this, the resulting “points” produce body pressure dispersion and a massaging effect that can maintain muscle strength in the back and other areas, which contributes to shortened rehabilitation time.
  • The soft side provides ideal pressure dispersion without body weight being concentrated in fixed locations thanks to a 25 mm thick layer of low rebound urethane and a 30 mm thick layer of rubber-like foam.
  • Both sides eliminate the feeling of being pushed up from below and pressure that blocks blood flow. The body is supported across a broad surface, preventing bedsores.
  • Each side can be used depending on the condition and preferences of the patient; use the soft side for high risk patients and the hard side for low risk patients able turn themselves over in bed.
  • The special newly developed polyurethane surface uses a nonporous film.
    Although the pores of the film are closed to most chemicals, they are permeable to water molecules through molecular bonding.
    As time passes, the water is bound at the molecular level, gradually penetrating deeper into the mattress.
    This water vapor then travels from the area of high humidity to an area of lower humidity, namely, the other side of the mattress, where it is released.
  • The water vapor transmission rate of the special newly developed polyurethane film on the Yumekaiteki Bedsore prevention mattress is permeable to 1,200 cc of water per 1 m2 per 24 hours.
    Given that the average person sweats 1 liter (1,000 cc) in a night, the Yumekaiteki Bedsore prevention Mattress keep even bed-ridden patients from getting sweaty.
  • Please use a sheet with Yumekaiteki; sweat may gather between a patient’s skin and the film covering before sweat is drawn away, causing patients to feel sweaty.
    When using a sheet, sweat spreads throughout the sheet, which is then drawn away by Yumekaiteki, eliminating discomfort.
  • Bacteria are not able to penetrate Yumekaiteki’s permeable film covering because it is nonporous, preventing bacteria from entering the mattress.
  • Yumekaiteki is light (W 83 cm: 5.8 kg) and is 8.5 cm thick.
    Yumekaiteki may easily be handled by a single nurse.
  • Thanks to its special newly developed polyurethane film, Yumekaiteki doesn’t require a waterproof sheet.
    There is also no need to replace covers.
  • The special newly developed polyurethane film offers superior chemical resistance.
    In addition to clothing detergent, disinfectant, and alcohol, norovirus-killing hypochlorite can also be used for Yumekaiteki.
  • Yumekaiteki is covered in a special newly developed polyurethane film covering, it is sanitary, preventing incontinence stains, bacteria, and viruses from penetrating into the mattress interior.
  • The special newly developed polyurethane film covering conforms to antibacterial standards (JISL 1902; using a liquid bacterial culture absorption method) for all bacterial strains, including MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Even the smallest virus is 100 times larger than a water molecule; Yumekaiteki’s special newly developed polyurethane film covering allows water molecules to pass through while blocking virus particles.
  • The Yumekaiteki Bedsore Prevention Mattress is resistant to sagging and is very durable.Yumekaiteki has cleared the following tests by the Boken Quality Evaluation Institute.
  • Repeated compressive residual strain test (JISK 6400-4:2004.6.2 B)
    Test method: Investigate the percentage decrease in thickness after 80,000 repeated, continuous compressions.
    Test result: Percentage decrease in thickness: 1.8%
  • Repeated load test (low rebound side)
    Test method: Appearance evaluation after loading mattress with 500 N load 100,000 times.
    Test result: No noticeable difference.
  • Repeated load test (textured side)
    Test method: Appearance evaluation after loading mattress with 500 N load 100,000 times.
    Test result: No noticeable difference.